ABOUT Alicia Dingman

Alicia Dingman


As a mom of four, Alicia Dingman knows what it is like to raise a family, home school her kids, take care of her farm and run a home business.

During the years of raising her family, Alicia was a coach, mentor, and teacher for her home school community. Alicia spent years investing her time into personal development and marketing by training with industry leaders. Through writing various parenting, business, coaching, and education articles Alicia has been able to reach out to others.  Now, after more than 20 years, Alicia has decided to use knowledge and experience to help Women Create Wealth. Alicia is energetic and passionate and strives to be a good motivator, mentor, and coach. Alicia looks forward to encouraging, inspiring and empowering women everywhere proving that as women, we can have it all.

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