Alicia Dingman

As a mom of four, I know what it is like to raise a family, home school her kids, take care of her farm and run a home business.

During the years of raising my family, I was a coach, mentor, and teacher for my home school community. I’ve spent years investing time into personal development and marketing by training with industry leaders. Through writing various parenting, business, coaching, and education articles I have been able to reach out to others.

My journey

Although I was busy helping others in their homeschooling journey, I was not succeeding in my health journey.  In fact I was a flat out failure. It wasn’t until I decided to take control of my health that I learned I had more to change than just my weight. That is when I began I my mindset journey. I realized that I needed to take some time learning about me and the poor habits that I developed over the years. The poor health habits, and mindset habits.

My Realization

It is then that I realized how much everything is connected. Unless I changed my thought process, I was going to stay stuck in the rut for ever. I immersed myself in mindset habits that began to change my outlook on life. As a family, we began to eat healthier and exercise more. I even began to encourage others to adopt better lifestyle habits.


I realized that in order to really make a difference in the world I had to contribute even more! I need to contribute to the planet. That is when I found out about all the poison and pesticides we live with every day. I found out how the companies that we trust are not out for our best interest and that we do not even realize the shenanigans that are going on.

Most of us think we use these products for a cheaper cost and although I don’t agree because it is actually more cost effective to think about your products differently. But for the sake of cost, let’s take the dollar value out of the equation. What is the cost on your health, the health of your family and the health of the planet?


If I was going to help people realize their potential, If I was going to help them realize how important their health is and the health of their families homes and the planet, then I also wanted to help them learn how to make money from home. I want to help families realize how easy it is to work from home.  Allow me to show you the resources to help Families, just like yours, find your own Wellness Journey.

I am energetic and passionate and strives to be a good motivator, mentor, and coach. I look forward to encouraging, inspiring and empowering you.




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