Home-Based Business. What Are You Really Selling

Whether you are thinking about a home-based business or have already signed up for one, you need to know what it is you are really selling.

You are thinking maybe a home-based business is for you. Perhaps you have even bought into a home business already. The chances are, you do not really know much about home- based business. Chances are that you are confused about what type of business you are marketing and how to market in general.

It is important to understand the type of business models that are designed especially for home business owners. I have often seen where people enroll in a company and they do not even understand if they are service based or if they are product based. Usually, a home business is both although most people starting out do not realize that.

For instance, if you have a product like a lotion, supplement or oils, you might think you will be marketing your physical product. Realize that no one is purchasing your product, they are purchasing your trust. By watching you use the product and building trust people are going to purchase.

Likewise, if you have an information product, digital product or a subscription product, you are also selling your trust, not the product. You are selling them information. You want to help them have more experience, knowledge, and skill and you will do that by gaining their trust.

What is it that I am really selling?

Through your marketing efforts, you will essentially be selling who you are, what
your experiences are and gaining peoples trust and that is what will turn people into paying customers. It is not your product or your service, it is you.

home-based business teamHere is what most new business owners fail to realize. They think that because their product is so awesome it sells itself. Yet, they share the product over and over and find that their efforts are ineffective. The product is probably wonderful but if you cannot convey why it would be wonderful for your customers, then you may get one or two people to purchase, but that is not enough to sustain yourself as a home business.

Remember when considering and starting a home-based business, whatever the business model, you are not only going to be selling your product or service, you are going to be selling you; most people do not realize that.


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