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If you are going to market your product, you must have the right tools.

No matter how wonderful your product is, it is not going to sell itself, even if that is what your upline told you. The fact is that no matter how wonderful your product is and how much you love it, not everyone is going to agree. You must seek out those who share your vision for your product and company and you must cater to their needs until they become happy clients. These tools will help you get things done.

These are the top tools that I recommend to my clients. All of these tools are currently being used, have been used before or I trust the company and tools. If there is a problem with any vendor listed, please let me know so that I can keep our products user friendly.

To Host Your Website Use

My Email Client Recommendation is







You are going to need an email server to keep in touch with your client base. You will need this for the drip irrigation necessary to build trust. It is the most important tool in your sales funnel. There are plenty of email programs out there and for the beginner, I think Aweber is the best. They have tons of training and you get the first month free so that you can really learn what to do and set up your system so you are ready to go with your funnel.

Get your first month FREE right here:

My Funnel System


The realization is that you are going to need a website and you are going to need a sales funnel. Click Funnels is both. Save time, effort and money and get started the right way. Click Funnels integrates with Aweber so that makes it even easier to get started. Do yourself a favor and get started the easy way, the right way.



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