Choice or A Habit. What is Driving You?

Everything we do in life is by choice.

Some people call these choices a habit.


Call it a choice or a habit, you are defining your life each and every day.

Do you live making choices or following a habit. Choice or a habit, you must determine how you are handling your life. Will what you do today, take you into the direction that you wish to be. Will you make good choices and do what you know you should or will you go along blindly in your day continuing with your daily habits? For most, nothing will be done. For most and excuse will be found, a reason will exist and choice will be made to continue the habit that leads them to the very place they do not wish to be. Unfortunately, these are the people that continually complain but do nothing to improve. It is about choice or a habit.

Then there are others.

These are the people who are either too afraid of the change, do not think they have the time, worry about spending money or they have settled into mediocrity. These people think that they could never achieve more than they have and so they decide to be happy with what they have. They live with contentment and die never living the life that they truly wanted.

Don’t get me wrong here, I am not talking about gratitude.

I always encourage anyone to be grateful for what they have and to live in the place where you are. If you can not find happiness, where you are then nothing, will make you happy. What I am talking about is living with regret. The crazy thing is, regret is not enough to motivate us into action. Usually, regret keeps you locked into your own demise. So will you make a choice or live in your habit?

You have FREE WILL!

I find it fascinating that we are the only species on earth that have choice and free will. Because of that, we can choose to be better and strive to be more than we could be but most of us don’t. That is pronominal if you think about it. All other species must live to their full potential according to the laws of nature. A tree is not going to stop growing after a couple of years and say, well, I am done growing. I think I will watch T.V. Now. Or in today’s case, play computer. Salmon will risk life to reach their full potential. Squirrels do not store up enough acorns for a little while they store until they can no longer store. They work to their full potential.

As a species, we do not. Well, most of us anyway. If you want to have success you must work to your full potential. You must do things that you have never done before. Using all of your potentials requires you to make many changes in your life. It requires you to stretch and grow and most people are not willing to sacrifice that. They are not willing to give up one thing, to make room for another.

habitsOur lives truly are formed by our paradigms.

Everyday choices and habit will dictate our direction. Every day we are given thousands of choices to make and most people make those choices on auto pilot. Is that you? Do you get up in the morning with your coffee and watch a little T.V. before the kids get up. Before you realize it is 12:00 in the afternoon and the kids are pestering you for lunch and you have not even had a shower. Is that you? That was me. That is the life I led when I was fat, broke and lazy. That is until I decided to make a choice and changed my paradigms.

I decided no more.

Realizing that the only one that was going to help me, was me, I decided to make a huge decision. I could continue with choice or a habit or I could choose the right thing to do or just as easily that habit that was keeping me locked. It was difficult and it took a long time to change my life around but I did it and you can do it too. Make a decision here today that you are going to change the direction of your life.

What ever it is that needs changing. Maybe you need to lose weight. Perhaps you need to spend more time with the kids and less on the computer. Is constant clutter and mess frustrating your life? Are you happy where you are with your car, finances, house? Can you take your kids to lunch or your husband to dinner? Does life have you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated? It comes down to choice or a habit. What are you choosing and what are you doing habitually?

Here is your challenge

I challenge you to take out a pen and paper and write down what ever it is that frustrates you about your life, your present circumstance. Hey, If you are one of those people who are completely happy where you are and do not want to improve on who you are that is okay. I do say this, however, if you are not okay then it is time to do something about it. Are you going to be like the salmon and die trying? You have to be. Are you going to store just enough or are you going to live up to your full potential and store until you can no longer store? Are you making a choice or a habit?

Your life is in your hands.

Make a decision today!
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