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Is Courage, Confidence and Clarity Holding You Back?

Is Courage, Confidence, and Clarity Important For Your Business?


Courage, confidence,  and clarity are the top three things holding most people from succeeding in their business. Some people would think that it is because they do not market well or perhaps they are not consistent. But that is not true. Most people who want to start a home business do it with a desire to make more money. They desire to get out of the nine to five or because they have been laid off and are looking for something, anything to change their circumstances.


I know that is how I was. No courage, no confidence, and no clarity.

Every month working to make ends meet, barely able to pay rent and bills and the ability to take the kids anywhere was just not going to happen. Home business, I thought. That is what is going to do it for me. Boy, was that a ride.

I have learned a lot since those days and the one thing that I believe holds true is the fact that if you do not have courage, confidence, and clarity, you might as well go home. Don’t Quit! That was not an invitation. You see, it took great courage to actually think outside the box which is what you did when you decided to be an entrepreneur. It takes great courage to take responsibility for your finances and your destiny. For many, it takes great courage to do something totally different; knowing that they will face many objections from many people.

So how do you gain courage?

You start improving your mindset and focusing on your abilities and attributes. And you learn! Education is your best shield. It takes confidence to start a home business. Almost anyone has the confidence to say, “I can do it“. In order to write a blog, to make videos and talk to people on the phone takes great confidence. confidence is knowing that you know nothing yet still you go to the training, get on the corporate calls and follow the blog’s of the leaders to help you to learn what it takes to do today so you can play tomorrow. It takes confidence to know that you can. So know that you have the confidence. Believe in yourself, you can do it. Continue gaining confidence by taking action, learning, and teaching.

Clarity is the biggest hurdle that new business owners must overcome.

I know when I started in this business the first three trainers had me so confused and so discouraged that I used to cry and wonder what was wrong with me. They never taught me what really to do. I had never been given clarity about what I was doing. Because I had never done this before I had no direction. A person must have clarity when they are deciding to start a home-based business. Just because you are in love with the all natural products or the way it will help you lose weight and the company has a website. After all, this stuff sells itself! No, it does not! Clarity about your business is a must.

Think about these important questions

  • Who do you serve?
  • Who are you selling to?
  • What are the needs of the people who are buying the product?
  • What is your business model?
  • Is your business a home party, home meeting?
  • How would you know to do a home party or market online?
  • What is marketing by the way and how do I get that done?


Are you overwhelmed yet?

What about the clarity of your business? Do you want a small business or do you want to be the next internet millionaire? Is it a start slow or give it all you have. Have you investment money or are you going at this on a wing and a prayer hoping to make money as you go along?

Clarity is going to be one of the biggest things holding you back.

Allowing yourself clarity in your business means that you really have to look into your future and make some important decisions. Do not think that you can get into a home business while not really know what you want from it. You have to have a desire more than because you want to make money. Allow yourself clarity about your lifestyle. What is it that you really want your business to provide. Perhaps for you, a part-time income is enough. Perhaps just to replace what you do now. Maybe you want life altering income. Without clarity, you are searching for a needle in a haystack.

So how do you get clarity?

By goal setting. Understanding goal setting and how to be a good goal setter is an important goal. Goal setting is the most important step you can make in the success of your home based business. Setting goals for yourself, your family, your income and your business are all needed. Setting one goal without the other makes your goals cloudy, messy and eventually unreachable. Clear, well thought out goals for each area of your life allows you to build an action plan to achieve them.

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