Goal Setting Done Right.

I never understood why people fear goal setting. The truth is, goal setting can be quite a bit of fun. While some find it daunting your objective should be creative, insightful and joyful. After all, when you are targeting your goals you actively plan your life rather than leave it to chance. When people decide to do something written and accountable is when people experience fear. Knowing you are accountable and that you are now responsible for your accountability.

Why Goals Never Get Set.

I think the reason for this is because all your life you have had a boss, perhaps a teacher or a parent telling you what to do. What deadline needs to be met. Now, you are responsible for your efforts and accomplishments. This is when goal setting becomes overwhelming. New business owners often do not know what to do in the first place let alone goal set. Most are clueless so no goals ever get set.

Set Goals For Your Life And Business.

When setting goal’s, you need to set a few together. For instance, how can you know what type of business goals you want if you do not have any life goals set? One of my teachers taught me that there are two things you need to consider when setting goals. Your life plan and your business plan. Then, you need to set goals within those. Often, people do not even realize this information. Therefore, goals are never met because they are never set.

Goals Need To Be About Tasks.

Goals need to be lofty, but they also need to be obtainable. Another great teacher taught me to work your way back. What do you want your dream life to look like? What you want your dream business to look like? Now work your way backward and set the goals to accomplish that. Setting your goal should be an emotional task. The more emotion you put into your dreams, the more emotion you can put into your goals so that they are easier to reach. Dreams can be about wealth and money but goals need to be about tasks that will lead you to wealth.

Let’s Work On Our Goals.

Let’s work extensively on goal setting. We will be looking at the dreams that we have for ourselves and our families and then be finding ways to set goals to reach those dreams. Then,  exploring our long term, midterm, and short term goals, we can find the right balance. It is my desire to see you reach your full potential by achieving the goals you have set for yourself.

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