Are You Using Outdated Methods To Market Your Business?

Do you want to do things the old way like everyone else in your company or do you want to do what the people making money are doing? Well, you must stop using outdated methods to market your business.

Just the other day I was at a resort for a little Rand R.

The resort had a host of cabin buildings with hotel rooms in each cabin and in the main room, there was a huge fireplace. I called to have the fire built and lit because it was cold and rainy. The fellow that came to lite the fire was a nice enough fellow. After he had done all of the work he could see that I was grateful. So, he did something that I am sure he did not do in a long, long time.

You see, he was a pretty old fellow. He probably did not think twice as he reached into his back pocket and struggled to pull the wallet from the indent it had made in the back of his pocket. When he finally reached the wallet he flung it open and then again began the struggle this time to pull out the dinosaur, his business card. It was about as old and worn as he. I could tell that he rarely had the opportunity to pull it out.

Of course, I politely said thank you, I took the card and laughed in my head. I thought of the whole business card scheme. I remember being told how to market my business with them. When I think of how marketing is done today, I do not think business cards.

Do people really market with business cards anymore?

This past week I was at some training and I spoke to several business people who are in all sorts of fields and they have one thing in common. They rarely pass around business cards. Everyone has a phone, everyone has a facebook and that is how you connect.

Does that mean that business cards are dead? No. They indeed have their purpose. Many people do indeed rely on them depending on the industry. The truth is that those people are quite established in business. They have done the work so the card makes sense. They have a business name, business address, business email address and phone number.

Stop using outdated methods to market your business.

I have noticed how the home business marketer has no idea what they are doing so they listen to the people that hired them and they get those business cards. For what business I wonder. Which brings me to the bigger point. How do you know what business cards to get? What should you put on your card? How are you going to market that card?

I remember my first business card. It was for a wellness company. Following instructions, I put the basics, name and such, on one side and then a sweet testimony on the other. Following the format suggested, I got those cards. After that, I was told to get an 800 number, so I bought a new set of cards. Again, I was told get a calling card type, so I did, again spending worthless money.

The ideas to market that card were really insane.

Go to the mall and drop them into purses. Drop them off at doctors and dentists. Put your business cards on ad walls and leave them with a big tip for your waitress so she would be impressed. These were some of the old spammy outdated methods that I marketed those worthless business cards.

Think about it. Did you put your website or did you put your affiliate link website? Do you have a respectable business name for your email or is it hotladypants. Do you think someone is going to listen to hotladypants talk about marketing or perhaps something else?

You need to have a business plan.

The fact is, most new home business marketers, do not even know what type of business they have. They have no idea of the size business they want, how many hours they want to work, goals, or anything. All they know is that they want a better way, they found a product that they can feel good about, and they have the drive and the ambition to do it. Now they need to know the what. Does that sound like you?

Are you ready to build a business?

Did you get into a home business, you are doing what the company says, but you are not going anywhere? That is because you are missing crucial beginning steps. You have to have a plan, you have to have goals. Everyone must learn to start from the start. Remember, the first thing you should do when you get a new home business is to sit down and make a plan for your business.  Because you want results, you should want to start with your business plan.

Friends, you can not market your business using old outdated methods, but more importantly you can not market your business if you do not fully understand what type of business you are looking to build. You must look towards the end result first. Join me in the coming weeks as I help you create wealth with your home business.

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