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Personal Development Is The Most Important Element Of Our Life.

I have personal development as the first tab on my page because I do think it is the most important element of your life. This is an area of life that is overlooked. I know because when I started in the home business, this was the area that I needed to work on the most. I have encountered people who want to have a home business but have no desire to change the way they think, act and more importantly react.

Stubbornness will keep you locked up.

We have gotten too deep into our belief systems to think that we are wrong. Stubbornness will keep you locked in the chains of it. One of my mentors once had asked a question to us at a seminar. He asked if any of us have things in our closet that we no longer wore. Many people raised their hands to note that they did. He then asked a simpler question, why. Why do people keep things in their closet when they know they are never going to wear them again? Why? The overwhelming answer was, “I don’t know”.

Our belief systems keep us from doing things that we know we should.

Many of you right now are laughing because you have something in your closet, sleeves all covered in dust, and you do not even know why. Sure, there are the main reasons, sentimental, I will fit into it again one day, maybe one day it will be back in style. Really? I believe because we are too stubborn to just say, this does not serve me any longer and I am getting rid of it. Our belief systems keep us from doing things that we know we should.

The biggest death words to a business is I know.

We must change what we believe about ourselves and the way we think. There are people who came before you and me to pave the way for us. No longer do we have to suffer from indecision, fear, frustration or anger. We can rethink how we view things through personal development. To do that we must recognize the thoughts and actions that are holding us down and not allowing us to grow to our full potential.

We will be delving into this subject quite a bit. I love listening to my teachers and learning how to teach that lesson. It is my mission to share with you all that I know so that you too can experience the success that I have. Join me today!

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