How to Claim Your Personal Power Using Three Powerful Tips

Are You Ready To Claim Your Personal Power?

Have you given your personal power without realizing it?

Claim your personal power today and start getting what you want in life! Have you ever felt like you had something to do or something to say yet you felt powerless to do or say what you want?

Have unhealthy habits like procrastination crept into your life?

Why are you procrastinating? Is it because you are fearful? Perhaps you lack faith in yourself and your skill level? Have you given up your personal power and stopped pursuing your dreams because you find you will never see them?

Some people try to find their power in position or by making a lot of money.

or they find power by having fancy shoes or clothes. Sure, those things can make you feel powerful. The problem with this is that the power is from an outside source. When the form of power, the car, shoes the house or the money, runs out then you are left feeling powerless.

So how do you claim your personal power and create the life that you desire?

Well, first, we need to recognize where the negative power is coming from.

Most of the time, it is our ego that is causing us to have these power issues. Comparing yourself to others, recognizing what you don’t have and focusing on the lack of your life will just compound the feelings of powerlessness.

It has been shown that there is now a new depression that doctors are dealing with and it has to do with people becoming depressed because of Social Media. They are comparing themselves to everyone else’s lives and wondering why not them, why are they not like enough and always looking for affirmation from their friends and families.

Also, the belief that we have about ourselves and our abilities can derail anyone easily rendering us powerless.

How do these powerless feelings manifest themselves?

With words like I can’t, I don’t understand, or I don’t know how.

These powerless feelings lead us to be fearful.  fearful about what others may think of us.

We can be fearful that we do not know enough to be leaders or that we do not have enough skills or worse we allow ourselves to believe that we never could do what other people do because they have a gift or something.

We do not feel like we could be like others because we are just not enough.

Some people are afraid to claim their power.

This is because their entire identity is centered around the trauma they’ve experienced. They have no idea who they are outside of trauma. They believe the lies and stories of lack and limit. For them, it will be difficult to claim the power inside of them.

For those of you who are ready to claim your power, there are a couple of things that you can do to help you.

First, you need to change your belief system. You need to change the story that you are telling yourself.

Is that the story for you that says you can’t or that you don’t know how?

Have you told yourself how you are too stupid to learn any of this stuff?

Are you the person that thinks that other people are born into luck and because of that you will never succeed?

Perhaps, because your parents, grandparents and every generation before you could not that you too are doomed to fail?

Those are the limiting beliefs that you must change to take your power.

You are giving your power away every time you say you can’t or you don’t.

Change your verbiage. Instead of saying that you can’t, start saying it is a challenge right now but challenges are meant to be overcome.

Instead of thinking that you are not good enough start thinking, everyone starts from the beginning, this is a good starting point.

When you are thinking that all the stacks are against you, you can rethink that there are a lot of great challenges for you to meet.

When you start changing the language that you say to yourself, you will see substantial changes.


Keep a journal.

Now, you can record all the times that you have had doubtful and debilitating thoughts and what those thoughts are. Then, you will be able to start changing the verbiage for those thoughts from negative and debilitating, to productive and inspiring thoughts that will give you your Personal Power back.

When you give your personal power away, you give away your hopes, desires, and dreams.

When you claim your personal power, you can build, be and do anything you set your mind to.

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