How Stay-Home Mom’s Stay Motivated To Work From Home In December.

How Stay-Home Mom's Stay Motivated To Work From Home In December.


Learn how stay-home mom’s stay motivated to work from home in December.

Have you ever wondered how stay-home moms stay motivated to work from home in December? For me, I always wanted to take the holidays off and spend the time with my kids and family. Let’s face it, as moms, and new home internet marketers it can sometimes be overwhelming work your home business during the holidays even though the months of November and December are two of the most profitable months for home business. There is so much more that is expected of us during the season. It is no wonder that many women decide to take the months of November and December off. They decide that there is just too much overwhelm and then they begin to either justify or make excuses as to why they are not profitable during the holidays. Because of all the holiday demands that we women have we often put these months on hold and go on “vacation”. Here is how stay-home mom’s stay motivated to work from home in December.

stay-home mom's stay motivated


One of the worst mistakes that new home business moms make is treating their business like a hobby and this is the perfect example of us doing that. We put so many demands on ourselves that we think we can slow down our marketing and prospecting or even worse take those months off entirely and become a MOM again.

Unless you are an established person, this is a true mistake. Establish people have systems in place and they have enough content that they can recycle material or they have content in funnels which are making money while they sleep. If that is not you, rather than sleeping through your winter like a bear, you need to wake up and get to work.


What you are doing is losing momentum. If you were really starting to work on a regular schedule, then you have just sabotaged your efforts. You will lose your speed and most people will stop altogether. While you are merrily enjoying your Christmas, your business will be suffering and you won’t notice the effects of your actions until the following month and maybe even longer. Then, it becomes even more difficult to get back to work.


Here is how stay-home mom’s stay motivated to work from home in December even though during the holiday season they already have so much on their Mom plate.

First- be in love with your product.

This sounds silly but so many people join companies just to make money. They like the products but they do not have an I can’t live without this product attitude. If you like something you can be motivated if done properly, but if you “LOVE” something, you can be motivated easily. It is easy to want to go to work and share your product when you love it. It is super easy to say “whatever” if you only like it. So, be in love with your product and it will be easier for you to share it during any season.

Then, stay on schedule.

I have been in education for a long time and one thing that I have witnessed is that children who live on a schedule live in order and those who do not live in chaos. Children who live in order are easier to have home businesses with than children who live in chaos. You must be creating a schedule for you and your children. This way you can plan times for you to build your business, spend the day putting up the tree, baking cookies and all the other delights that come with the holiday season. Scheduling is one of the easiest ways for moms to have it all. It also helps to put things in perspective. If you find that the only way for you to be able to complete your daily tasks is to take time off of work, then you may need to reestablish your extracurricular activities. It may be time to say no to something.

You cannot have a schedule without goals.

I have mentioned this time and time but goals are the lifeblood of your business. Without goals, your dreams and plans wither and die. You must every month, every week, and every day plan your goals. Your goals must be measurable and attainable. And one of the worst goals you could make for yourself are those that revolve around money or tangible items. The reason for this is there is no way to measure that. There is no clear path to a goal. You have no clear step to follow.


The first goal you should try to reach is how do I get my first customer. Then, how do I get my second customer? Another goal should be how do I advance in my company. You see there are steps for that. There are actual things, steps, that you can do to get your first customer. Now, if you are “working” every day and not getting customers, you can ask yourself what steps am I not making. Am I prospecting and how many people. There is an accountability to set a goal of making 20 phone calls. Making 100 dollars this week is a goal that carries no accountability and no pathway.

stay-home mom's stay motivated

I hope these tips help you to want to work during this holiday season. This is a valuable time for you to realize if you are running your business like a business or a hobby. This will help you realize if you are interested in having a home business so that you can live life on your terms or if you are committed to it. It is great to spend time with the family, baking cookies and enjoying all of the season’s festivities. But, if you neglect your business altogether, you are going to really wish in the end, you hadn’t.

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